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  • 25 Pet Emergency Tags and split rings with six-month, 24/7 emergency service included: $4.95 each
  • 25 durable collars with five-year guarantee. Easily cut and sealed to fit any pet: $1 each
  • 25 welcome cards to include with each pet's adoption kit: FREE

25 tags, split rings, collars and welcome cards

Collar Color: Black
  • The Pet Emergency Tag kit for adoptions comes with a six-month membership with our 24/7 emergency service for the newly adopted pet and serves as a lifetime fundraising mechanism for your shelter or rescue.


    The solid stainless steel tag has a durable epoxy coating on both sides and comes with a lifetime warranty, even if lost or chewed. A stainless steel split ring is included with each tag.


    An adjustable 24" collar is part of the package and can easily be trimmed and sealed to fit any pet.


    A welcome card is included for each pet's adoption kit: It explains the life-saving benefits of the service and how to complete the registration process.

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