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 Lifesaving. Fundraising.

What kind of company donates 50% of their revenue for a great cause?


Well, our kind. 

Supporting pet adoption is our idea of a great cause.

Our Pet Emergency Tag Adoption Program for shelters and rescues was designed to provide lifesaving 24/7 protection for adopted pets AND help your organization raise ongoing revenue.

See what it's all about. Request a free sample membership kit today to feel the quality of our tag and walk through the registration process. It's the best way for you to experience the careful effort that has gone into every step of our program and the peace of mind our members feel. And...we'd love to welcome your pet to our family.


The Pet Emergency Tag (P.E.T.) is a 24/7 lifeline for pets if they're lost or need immediate help and their guardian can’t be reached: if they’re in a meeting, at a movie, in an accident or there's a disaster. 

We always answer. And we'll put the pet's custom emergency plan into action, including: backup contacts, vet and any special needs the pet may have.

PET Tags side by side with THE PETS text

It's like "911" for pets.

Total Pet Protection

We highly recommend an ID tag with your phone number. It's the fastest way to reach you if your pet needs help.

Think of the Pet Emergency Tag as your pet's 24/7 safety net if you can't or don't answer your phone. We always answer. And we'll stay on the phone with the caller until we can reach you or one of your backup contacts.

A standard ID tag is a good start. It's the first thing someone will look for if a pet needs help.



We highly recommend a chip as a backup in case your pet loses their collar/tag. But a chip is not a good primary ID because it's not visible or easy to use.

A chip requires a stranger to be willing and able to drive your pet to a vet or shelter to be scanned. What if it's after hours or a holiday? With the Pet Emergency Tag, help is always just one easy phone call away.

A microchip is a good backup tool in case the pet needs help and their ID tag or collar is missing.



The phone number on the Pet Emergency Tag connects to a live hotline that works like "911" for your pet anywhere in the U.S. or Canada. 

One easy phone call connects to our 24/7, U.S.-based staff. We'll use the vital information you entered when you registered your pet's Pet Emergency Tag to get them the help they need immediately.

PET Tag Front.png

The Pet Emergency Tag works in ways an ID tag and microchip don't. Add it for total pet protection.


A standard ID tag and microchip are not required, but we highly recommend both.


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Step 1: ORDER 

Send each adopted pet home with the 24/7 protection of a six-month Pet Emergency Tag Membership. You cover our cost of the tag: $4.95. We’ll cover the membership: a $12.50 value. A welcome card is included with each tag to explain how the protection service works. 


Activate the six-month membership by entering the adopter’s name, phone number and email and the tag’s unique ID number into our on-line form. The pet leaves your facility protected and we’re ready to help.


We do all the rest. We’ll follow up with the adopter to complete the registration process and we’ll send out a reminder each year when their pet’s membership is due for renewal.

The work you do is tough enough. Raising funds to save lives should be easier. We've made it as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Beagle iStock with PET tag.png

of each pet's $24.95 annual renewal fee will be donated back to you each year for the life of the membership.

After the initial six-month period, you receive $12.50 every year for every membership that’s renewed. No more effort. No more cost. The funds just keep rolling in.

Share the Love Logo.png

Every year, when adopters renew their Pet Emergency Tag membership, they'll have peace of mind knowing their pet's protected. And they'll LOVE knowing that 50% of the annual $24.95 membership fee will be donated back to the shelter or rescue who introduced them to their new family member.

What a great way to share the LOVE!

Share the Love Program
Contact Us

See what we're all about.

Don't just take our word: Take us for a test drive. Check out all the cool bells and whistles of our lifesaving, 24/7, nationwide pet helpline. And see the awesome quality of our tag for yourself.


Complete this form and we'll get a free Pet Emergency Tag membership kit and our fundraising information delivered to your doorstep lickety-split.

For questions, please call (310) 652-9838 or email

Everything we do is driven by our love for pets.

Thank you. We'll be in touch.

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